Revolutionary Way
of Learning Music!

This is a piano book that people
can play the entire piano book without
understanding ANYTHING about music!
This is because the book is written in COLOR!
It is written in professional sheet music,
yet the player only needs to concentrate
on the color to “get it right”!

It comes with a set of colored stickers to put on the keyboard.
When you see a green note, you press the green sticker.
When you see a purple note, you press the purple sticker.
You do the same for all the colors!

Each Package Includes:
1 Piano Book, 1 stickers set,
1 CD, in a clear gift package!

succos - simchas
torah Book
lag bomer
Shavous Book

Kumzitz Book

Intermediate Level


5 in 1 - Yom Tov Package

Keep the sound of music energizing
your family all year round!

This Yom Tov Package includes 5 books (Chanukah, Purim, Pesach, Lag B’omer/Shavuos, Succos/Simchas Torah), their 5 corresponding cd’s, 1 set of stickers, in box as shown.

"I always wanted to learn to play piano, but was never given a chance. "Music n' Minutes" gave me the opportunity to play in a fun and affordable way!"

Leah Weinberger, Upstate, NY

"I used to come home after a long day of school and wanted something to relax with. I never knew what to do that would be enjoyable, relaxing and fun. When I saw "Music n' Minutes" I was sure this would be the perfect thing for me. I bought it and now when I come home from school I have a really relaxing thing to look forward to injoy"

Chava Felder, Fallsburg, NY

"I always wanted my kids to be into music but I didn't want to spend money on lessons. With "Music n' Minutes" all my kids are able to enjoy music in an instructional and fun way!"

Mrs. Esti Mandel, Monsey, NY, 356-6197

“I always wanted to learn how to read notes. I started with a few lessons but dropped out because it was too tedious and time consuming. When I saw "Music n' Minutes", I couldn’t believe I found a way to learn proper sheet music in such a fun and quick way! Thank You!”

Raizy Weg, Scranton, PA

“I bought this for my kids and I seriously found myself playing day or night, whenever I had a spare second! The beauty of it was that they were songs that were popular in my childhood days as well as today! I felt so proud to play!”

Mrs. Esti D., Lakewood, NJ

“I always used to watch people play the piano and wish I could do the same . Given my family setting, taking formal lessons was simply not happening. "Music n' Minutes" brought me into the world of music where I have learnt ALOT, at my OWN pace, and in my OWN home! Thank You!”

Moshe Goldberg, Lakewood, NJ

“When I first saw "Music n' Minutes", I thought it was geared for younger children since it was written in color. A neighbor of mine had gotten it and I tried it at her house. I then realized it was very appropriate for high school age as well as adults. Anyone wishing to learn many piano skills would benefit greatly from this colorful music book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!”

Avigail L., an 11th grader

" I love music but I didn't have hours to practice. with "Music n' Minutes" I could play the book well without hours and lessons!"

R. Cohen, Lakewood, NJ

"I always wanted to play piano but was never given a chance. "Music n' Minutes" rolled around and I am now a proud piano player!"

“I never played a full song on the piano before. After only 10 minutes using music in minutes I was able to play a song! I felt very accomplished! I plan to play many more songs!”

Aviva Landau, Lakewood, NJ

Learn to play
the color way!

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